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Market Appraisal

We do free market appraisals on a confidential basis and without any obligation!

It takes years of experience and industry knowledge to not only understand the value of a pharmacy based on purely its historic financial result. In many cases this may result in the ‘highest and best value’ of the pharmacy. Consideration of the financials may provide the best result, however there are many elements that are non-financial that most people do not take account or simple do not see. These elements could be attributed to a much higher price being achieved for your pharmacy

The motivation of buyers to secure the business that is right for the buyer ensures he/ she pays a price well above the businesses financial value. This does not say the buyer has paid too much or the seller got more than he/she should have for the business. It does however confirm that there are buyers that will pay more for the business they want. In our hand we know what to do for our clients and our buyers are also delighted to have been given the opportunity to secure the business.

Beyond motivations is the current pharmacy rules including relocations and the remaining term of each Pharmacy Agreement, PBS changes etc. All of these matters must be address by all parties. We consider the ‘highest and best value’ of the Pharmacy in this regard before concluding our appraisal.

The state of the market, how the Banks will respond to buyers financial requirements, the outcome of the Valuation the buyer requires could impact the sale, due diligence of Accountants and the initial deposit of the buyers all play a part to ensure the value we place on your business is the ‘highest and best value’ of the pharmacy and also achievable.

All of the above contribute to concluding our market appraisal of your business. Our experience and knowledge in these areas makes all the difference to maximizing your pharmacy investment for you our client.

Free and confidential market appraisal

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