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Confidentiality Agreement & Disclaimer

View the Confidentiality & Discliamer Agreement

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the pharmacy with our above reference number though Pharmacy Business Sales Pty Ltd.

It is a requirement of ours that you agree to the terms and conditions set out below and within the Agreement provided to you electronically prior to us providing you the information requested. These terms and conditions refer to matters of confidentiality obligations, document disclosure and our disclaimer associated with such information.


  1. You agree that all confidential information provided to you by us is and shall remain strictly confidential, and that you will only use such confidential information for the purposes of assessing whether or not you intend to buy, or make an offer to buy, the pharmacy.
  2. You agree not to disclose any confidential information to any third party including but not limited to partners, landlords or financiers unless you are required to do so by law; or in accordance with this deed poll; or with our prior written consent.
  3. You agree not to contact, or attempt to contact, the Vendor or the Vendor’s Accountants directly in relation to the sale or potential sale of the pharmacy by any means whatsoever, for so long as the pharmacy is for sale.
  4. You agree that any inspection by you of the pharmacy is to be arranged by appointment with us, and is subject at all times to the Vendor’s prior consent.
  5. You acknowledge that we have not been engaged by you to provide you with any investment, financial or any other professional advice and you acknowledge that we do not make any representations or warranties, either express or implied, that any confidential information we may provide to you is accurate, complete or reliable as detailed in the Disclaimer you are voluntarily enter into by proceeding with this Agreement
  6. You agree that, upon request by us, you will immediately return to us all confidential information in your possession, power or control (including any Pharmacy Profile Packages we have provided to you) and if any such confidential information is stored electronically (on a computer or otherwise), you must permanently delete such confidential information so that it cannot be recovered by any person, and must notify us in writing that you have done so.7
  7. You agree to notify us immediately if you are contacted by another selling agent or broker in relation to the pharmacy at any point in time while the pharmacy is for sale.
  8. This Agreement may only be varied with our prior written consent. The provisions of this Agreement will be deemed to be severable. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Australian state that the pharmacy for sale operates within.


  1. In this Agreement:
    (a) “confidential information” means all Information treated as confidential by us and disclosed to or acquired by you before or after the date of this deed poll in relation to the pharmacy, whether orally or in writing but does not include Information that: is already in the public domain at the time of first disclosure by us; or information that becomes a part of the public domain after the time of first disclosure by us without disclosure in breach of this deed or any other obligation of confidence of any other person;
    (b) without limiting any clause above, “confidential information” includes information contained in any Pharmacy Profile Package we may provide to you in relation to the pharmacy;
    (c) “the pharmacy” means the pharmacy to which the reference number appearing at the top of this page relates;
    (d) “us” and “we” mean Pharmacy Business Sales Pty Ltd; and
    (e) “you” means the person or company whose name appears at the top of this page.

Executed by you as a deed poll in favor of us and delivered on the date attached.


By entering your details as set out in the signature box and submitting your Confidentiality Agreement and Disclaimer electronically, you agree to be bound by the terms within the Confidentiality Agreement and Disclaimer you are submitting.

The interested party agrees to complete a more comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement and Disclaimer prior to any agreement being reached on the pharmacy business the party has expressed interest in.