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It makes sense to ask! – It takes VISION!

If you really think about it, not often do you get true independent advice about your business. Often the advice you do get is from your Brand or another Brand wanting to become your Brand, or your wholesaler and other suppliers that want to maintain your business. Your accountant usually has some good ideas, however they can’t be across every aspect of your business.

Right now pharmacy is facing big challenges including PBS reforms and price disclosure that will shortly begin to reduce your bottom line by a suggested 20%. Most pharmacies are also experiencing flat if not negative results in OTC sales, which may compound the anticipated reduction in profits. Some suggest the ‘quick fix’ is to reduce staff; however this may compound the situation.

Instead of making every important decision in your business, or maybe not making the decision at all because it has not come to your attention, or maybe you have not considered the impact some aspect of your business is having on the business and in turn the businesses ability to move ahead or slide backwards. You need to be proactive in your business and get some independent expert advice from pharmacy experts before the impact of the above becomes a major factor in your actual results.

Consider this! Every time your business can grow by $50,000 your business is worth approximately $280,000 more depending on its makeup. However, should your business drop $50,000 then your business is worth at least $280,000 less than the previous year. What is the value of a business that is going backwards?

Good news! VISION is a new service based on proven business models and developed and supported by a number of industry experts. VISION is designed to focus on your business, its current situation and future direction. A prioritiesed number of independent recommendations will be presented for you to consider and act upon with a guide as to the positive impact it will have on your business.

Who should implement VISION

  • Any pharmacy in any Brand that has concerns with their current position
  •  Independent pharmacies that are competing against other pharmacies
  • Managed pharmacies or partnerships wanting to maximize their asset
  • Any pharmacy that is financed and your bank requires performance updates
  • Any group that can see the value in exploring or enhancing their pharmacy direction

Some recommendations will provide immediate solutions and benefits and others will form part of your planned direction and can be implemented at your pace.

There are three options of VISION depending on the level of support you require and the level of detail each aspect of your business is investigated. You choose the level of independent advice you need. Unlike other reports that are usually biased in some way, VISION is:

  • Totally independent and is not time consuming for you
  •  Supported by a range of industry experts with many years of pharmacy industry experience throughout the ‘value chain’ to consumers using proven business models
  • Considers all major aspects of your particular business
  • Presents the reasoning behind the recommendations for your consideration

The aim of VISION is to consider all major aspects of your particular business with the view of substantially improving your total business performance and in turn you bottom line on an ongoing basis. Our knowledge and independence is the key to your ongoing success.

Because VISION is a new and unique service we insist on mutual confidentiality for your protection and the protection of our intellectual property. To learn more about VISION and the experience and support behind it make contact with us now or call 0418383664

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